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YOU want to know what is gonna happen???

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HI.. and welcome.

As you can see by the name this is a commuinty where we will say what we think about the show, and show our Icons that we worked hard for.

Did you miss the show and you want to know what happened?? Well u are @ the right place.

Do you want to show off ur hard work on the icon from the episode you downloaded, that no one else has seen yet, go for it.

Do youjust get upset beacuse the LJ cut does not work for you. Don't worry.


-Don't be rude
-DO NOT use an LJ cut , beacuse you do not want to piss anyone off.
-PLease use an LJ cut if u have more than 2 Icons u want to post
-This is for both CSI & CSI:Miami

Now if you do not want to be here, but you like CSI just Join csi.

There you will not find any spoilers out in the open so it might be safer if that is what you are looking for.