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Hi all. I am new to the list and in search of something. I'm having a terrible time trying to find a site (other than Kaza) that I can download CSI Miami episodes as a present for my roommate, who's missed an entire season of this, her favotire show due to her college class schedule. Can anyone tell me a good place to find the episodes for her? I'd like to get them all by Valentine's day.
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howdy all. Ok, I missed. something in yesterdays episode of CSI Miami. What was the deal between the woman that was under suspicion of killing her husband and and Alexx? I missed that part of the show. What is their connection that caused Alexx to be so upset with her. I gather they were friends and have a past, I just missed the first part of what went on between them. Someone please fill me in.... ;) LOL Thanks
You hear?

How many Times

will H's sunglasses show up in tomorrow show

now ooogabooga and I will count... anyone else want to join us??

well ooogabooga thinks okay lets count but 1st bet...I think that he'll take them off and bend down atleast twice, and they'll be in his hands atlest half a dozan times...maybe even another close up:P

anyone else wanna make there bets???

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I know this has already been discussed but I don't really care.
I don't care what anybody says...I truly believe that Jorja Fox is with child. I know that she could just have a gut but if you gain weight there you gain weight everywhere else i.e. face, hands, arms etc.
Don't bite my head off. This is just what I think. I was looking at her last Thursday...pregnant...not fat.
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What's the point of haveing a community about a tv show if you can't discuss it? I'm glad that that I'm a part of this community. The csi community kinda smokes.
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I was hoping to god that they baby wasa doll and that they would find a dead adult instead...but that was just me.
What's up with that...only one murder...

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